David Schoch

David Schoch

Presidential Fellow

University of Manchester


I’m a PhD in Computer Science and currently employed as a Presidential Fellow at the University of Manchester in the Department of Sociology. I’m a mathematician by training and my research interests lie in the field of (social) network analysis. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the mathematical foundations of networks. I am also a semi-active blogger, writing about doing things in R and I am maintaining a football analytics website ( soccerverse).


  • Network Analysis
  • R Development
  • Soccer Analytics
  • Data Science


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2015

    University of Konstanz

  • Diploma in Business Mathematics, 2012

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Recent Publications

Legislators’ roll-call voting behavior increasingly corresponds to intervals in the political spectrum

Scaling techniques such as the well known NOMINATE position political actors in a low dimensional space to represent the similarity or …

Projecting Signed Two-Mode Networks

Signed two-mode networks have so far predominantly been analysed using blockmodeling techniques. In this work, we put forward the idea …

Political Astroturfing around the world

Comparison of 8 disinformation campaigns on twitter

Political Astroturfing on Twitter: How to Coordinate a Disinformation Campaign

Political astroturfing, a centrally coordinated disinformation campaign in which participants pretend to be ordinary citizens …

What do centrality measures measure in psychological networks?

Centrality indices are a popular tool to analyze structural aspects of psychological networks. As centrality indices were originally …


SNA and related topics

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Advanced Centrality Concepts

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R packages

Generative Art

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Science Slam

I am an active Science slammer, mostly slamming about networks and disinformation on social media. Some of my slams can be found on youtube (all in german).