Nutshell: Expandable Explanations


Nutshell is a tool to make “expandable explanations” This lets your readers learn only the details they need, just-in-time, always-in-context.
Unlike links, Nutshell lets you include only the snippet you need, not the whole page. Plus, instead of being lost in a jungle of new tabs, your reader stays on one page, keeping their flow of reading. Even if you interrupt a sentence, Nutshell recaps the sentence afterwards, so your reader never loses context.

You can find more information (and a demo) on the nutshell webpage.


quarto install extension schochastics/quarto-nutshell

This will install the extension under the _extensions subdirectory. If you’re using version control, you will want to check in this directory.


You can use the filter by adding

   - nutshell

to your yaml header.

To write a Nutshell snippet, just use headings & paragraphs. To embed a snippet, just make a link, but with a :colon in the front:


Note, however, the other webpage needs to also have Nutshell installed, or CORS enabled. If you own the other page, that’s not a problem! But if not, you’ll have to mirror/copy the other page.

Check out the interactive demo for more help or head to the github repo to learn about the full functionality of nutshell.


Here is the source code for a minimal example: example.qmd
A rendered version can be found here.