This repository brings the beauty of geocities to quarto!

Style your personal page as if it was the late 90’s/early 2000’s and go wild with all those pretty gifs!

Check out the demo


simple clone/fork this repository and adapt at will. Most style aspects can be changed in styles.css and geo.scss.

Custom Shortcodes


{{< twitter schochastics >}}
{{< github schochastics >}}

add a gif that links to twitter/github profiles

Gif shortcodes

{{< hammer3 >}}

display 3 mc hammer’s dancing

Divider shortcodes

{{< divider x >}} horizontal divider gifs (x=1...9)

Custom filters

Under Construction

add construction: true to the yaml header of a page and a random “under construction” gif is added at the top of the page

Body backgrounds

change the background of the html body using the yaml parameter body_bg. Can be set globally in _quarto.yml or locally in a file. The default is microfab. other options can be found in the bg folder (dont use the file ending, ie body_bg: space). You can of course also add your own background gifs to the folder.

Title gif

Add a gif to the title of a page using the yaml parameter title_gif. Can be set globally in _quarto.yml or locally in a file. default is to not display a gif. The gif needs to be present in the `folder (dont use the file ending, ietitle_gif: banana-dance). If you set a global gif you can unset it for specific pages viatitle-gif:none`.